Month: September 2018

3 Key Skills You Need To Make It As A Floral Stylist


Skill 1 – Understanding the basic florist skills so that you can handle and work with flowers correctly Becoming a floral stylist is easier than you think! There are a batch of key skills that you need to understand before you start. Things like how to handle flowers, how to condition flowers, and best practice… Read more »

Do You Want To Be A Wedding Planner?

wedding planning career

Is it your dream to launch a career as a Wedding Planner? Do you have the skills and traits that make your perfectly suited to the role of a wedding planner? At the Academy, we are passionate about helping people just like you to realise their aspirations and launch a career as a Wedding Planner…. Read more »

Why You Can Start A Wedding & Event Career At Any Age

wedding & event career at any age

Last week I talked about changing careers and the emotions and decision making involved. I shared my personal career change story and my tips for deciding if it’s the right time for you to make the change. Today I want to tell WHY you can start a wedding & event career at any age. Working… Read more »

How Do I Know If It's Time For A Career Change?

time for a career change

It can be scary and overwhelming to seize the opportunity and take that first step in making a career change. I should know, just under 2 years ago I was faced with the decision to stick with what was safe or embrace that new opportunity. My career change story I have always been employed in… Read more »