Month: August 2018

The Best Investments You Can Make As A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner investments

When you’re building a business, you don’t have time or resources to waste. As a community of seasoned wedding planners, we get it—we’ve been through it all when it comes to the struggles of running a successful, sustainable business. And often, the question at the top of every business owner’s list (aside from, of course:… Read more »

What's the Difference Between A Wedding Planner & Wedding Stylist?

Wedding Planner vs Stylist

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Stylist? If you don’t know the answer don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! This is a question we often get asked so we thought we’d put together this post to highlight the key differences between wedding planning and styling. The Role of a… Read more »

3 Reasons Why I Believe Flowers Are The Future For Wedding Stylists

floral design, wedding stylists, floral course

Our UK Floral Design and Wedding/Event Styling Tutor and wedding business owner Dee McMeeking transformed her business when she added floral design. In this post, Dee reveals why she believes flowers are the future for wedding stylists. 1. The Wedding Market Place is Changing What we are seeing right now in the wedding industry is… Read more »

3 Jobs You Can Do With An Event Planning Qualification

event planning qualification

The events industry supports millions of jobs globally and generates billions in worldwide revenue. That’s great news if you are considering a career in events, as there is a great variety of employment opportunities open to you as a qualified event planning graduate. Event industry job roles that you may already be aware of include… Read more »

2019 International Wedding Trend Report – Styled Shoot Submissions

We are thrilled to share that the search for the top 2019 wedding trends has begun! Our annual International Wedding Trend Report will be released at the start of engagement season and we’re eager to share your inspiration shoots with readers globally. Each year, our team hand-selects stylised wedding shoots to complement the Report, which… Read more »

Are You Struggling to Make a Career Change Decision?

career decision

“I have been looking at your courses for years.” Would it surprise you to learn that I hear this from someone at least once a week? I have heard it so often, that I actually fear that there is an epidemic of procrastination settling upon us as a society. But seriously, it makes me sad every time… Read more »