Month: February 2016

Brainstorming your Brand as a Wedding Planner

One of the topics I see being discussed a lot by our Students in Academy Live (our private Facebook group for students and graduates) is branding.  This is great because anyone considering launching a wedding business, or any business for that matter, must consider branding.  This has never been truer than today when your potential… Read more »

February’s WedPin Winner

This could be the favourite part of the month for me!  This is the time of the month when I get to announce the winner of #WedPin.  If you are not familiar with #WedPin visit the blog to find out more about how to join our Pinterest challenge each month. The theme for WedPin this… Read more »

Starting A Wedding Planning Business Whilst Working Full Time

Unless you have had a big windfall or have someone willing to finance your new venture starting a new business often means continuing to work full time until the money starts to come in. The dilemma faced by most people is knowing when to take the plunge and leave your well paying job and commit… Read more »

Becoming a Wedding Planning Expert

I believe that a good Wedding Planner, in addition to being a great Planner, is an ‘arm chair’ expert on everything.  He or she, knows her apples, from her pears! What do I mean by that?  Here is an example; to be a good wedding planner you don’t have to be a lighting expert, but… Read more »

Understanding Your Tax Implications

Last night’s #WedBizHour Twitter chat got down to the nitty gritty of running a business in the industry as talked about tax and understanding the implications of turning your hobby into a business. Primarily much of the advice was geared towards those in the UK with information about VAT and National Insurance contributions being part… Read more »

Creating A Portfolio

We work in a very visual industry and as such it is the images that tend to draw our clients in so a good portfolio is absolutely crucial, as it will do a the sales work for you if done in the right way. Your portfolio tells the story of you. Your Portfolio is a… Read more »

Writing A Killer Cover Letter Designed To Get You An Interview

Recently we shared 5 ways to revamp your Resume to help you get your Resume ready for the job you want. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Cover Letter you send with your Resume. The importance of the Cover Letter is often over-looked when putting together a job application. We… Read more »

Blogging for your Wedding Business

As part of Academy Live we offer podcast interviews with wedding experts from around the world. In this episode I had the great pleasure of speaking to Debbie Orwat of Planner’s Lounge, a community for wedding and event professionals which shares practical information, design basics and business tips written by Debbie and other professionals in the… Read more »

Wedding Expert Series – Working with a Caterer as a Wedding Planner

This week we have another guest post from a Wedding industry expert for you.  This week we take a closer look at working with a Caterer, as a Wedding Planner. Catering of course is a big element of any wedding and working with a caterer can be a challenge, especially when doing off premise catering…. Read more »

So You Want To Start A New Business

Starting a new business is a scary notion and I don’t know anyone, including myself, who wasn’t extremely nervous when it came to taking the plunge. I think much of it is the thought of the unknown. Ever since we were kids most of us have thrived on routine, whether that is when we get… Read more »