Month: January 2010

I have dreams and goals – now what?

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at Goal Setting and I have (hopefully) guided you towards setting some achievable goals.  One of the key elements of goal setting (as discussed), is the fact that to be a goal, a statement needs to be accompanied by an action.  When you write a goal… Read more »

Achieving Your Goals

Welcome back.  It is day 6 of our series and I am feeling very happy with myself.  I have almost achieved my goal of passing on, what I feel is practical, ‘how to’ advice on the art of setting goals.  If you have gone through the steps I have given you so far I expect… Read more »


Hi and welcome back to our Goal Setting Series.  If you have been following me for the last two weeks you will know that I have set myself the goal of helping you set achievable and meaningful goals for yourself in 2010.  This is day five in the series, so if you have just joined… Read more »

Goal Setting – Let's get real

Welcome back to day four of our goal setting series.  So far you have done some dreaming and conducted research into your dreams.  Now it is time to get more specific and to do this you need to be honest with yourself.  In order to make informed decision about what goals you can reasonably set… Read more »

Research – the next step

Welcome back to our Goal Setting Series.  Last week we launched the series with a dreamtime activity to get you focussed in on what your dreams are  – now it’s time to get real! As we can see from the weight loss example (used in our first post in this series), before setting a goal… Read more »

Goal Setting Step 1

Yesterday we started our ‘goal setting’ series.  However before you can even begin thinking about a goal, you need to know what it is that you want.  So your first task is to take some time out to complete the following (fun) activity.  Goal Setting Step 1 –  ‘Dreamtime’ Whilst goals are not wishes and… Read more »