Month: May 2021

The Wedding Business Launchpad 2021 is here

The Wedding Business Launchpad 2020

Grab the virtual champagne because I have very exciting news….???????????? Drumroll please ???? The Wedding Business Launchpad is the EXACT step-by-step blueprint for launching a successful wedding business that gives you an international certification at the end of it. Once a year we package together all our courses along with 8 weeks of live training… Read more »

Finding Your Niche as a Wedding Planner

Finding your niche as a Wedding Planner is one of the first things we talk about in our courses as the Wedding Academy. Why? Because it serves as the foundation of everything you do. When you build a house you start with foundations. You wouldn’t build you house on top of a load of mud… Read more »

Are you ready for the Wedding Business Bootcamp 2021?

The Wedding Business Bootcamp 2020

I hope you’re ready for some fun because today we have some exciting news. It’s time for our annual Wedding Business Bootcamp. We help you to realise your dream of becoming a wedding planner. The Wedding Business Bootcamp is an online event that we host LIVE on Facebook over 5 days. Each day we’ll be… Read more »

Meet Wedding Academy Student and Wedding Planner Sonya

Meet Wedding Academy student and wedding planner Sonya! Earlier this month we interviewed one of our wonderful graduates Ayla Toyokawa. And today we want to introduce you to another talented member of our Wedding Academy community, Sonya Uribe. Sonya is one of our students on the Advanced Certificate course and last year she launched her… Read more »