Month: March 2021

Client Consultation Top Tips for Wedding Planners

Client Consultation Top Tips for Wedding Planners Once you’ve finally got that all important appointment with your potential couple what happens next? You need to start thinking about how you’re going to conduct yourself in the consultation. This is where a lot of wedding planners go wrong. Why? Well a consultation isn’t so much about… Read more »

What’s holding you back from your dream career as a Wedding Planner?

Each week I hear from a lot of people all looking to change their lives and transition into a creative career, one they really love. A career that really motivates, inspires and challenges them. They see the wedding industry as the perfect creative solution to their career problems. I mean who wouldn’t want to be… Read more »

How to Start a Wedding Business – the Masterclass

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

We’re hosting a Complimentary Masterclass: The 8 Step Blueprint to Starting Your Wedding Business in 2021 ???? Weddings are being planned. ☎️ Phones are ringing again. ???? Emails are flooding Inboxes And Wedding Planners are booking weddings for 2022, 2023 and beyond. There has never been a better time to launch your wedding business. Which… Read more »

Styling Your Wedding Planner Home Office

Virgina Woolf has a theory that every woman needs a ‘room of one’s own’. I’d like to rename this to every wedding planner needs a room of one’s own. One where you can be creative. And if not a whole room then at least a designated space within your home. Today I want to get… Read more »

Great Ideas, No Direction? How To Bring Your Wedding Business Vision To Life

Wedding Business Vision

Creative professionals are brilliant idea generators, with the inventiveness and ingenuity to think outside the box and come up with novel solutions to existing problems. However, thinking about clever concepts isn’t the same as actually taking action. Without direction, all of those great ideas will remain just that: ideas. Seeing your dreams come to fruition… Read more »

Finding Success in Your Wedding Planning Career

I often get asked the question “If I take a wedding planner course will I be able to make a living?” and the other popular one is “Will I get clients if I take a wedding planning course?“ There’s no simple answer to this question. Of course, to be successful in any industry or business… Read more »

5 Things I Learnt in 2020 About Myself

5 Things I learnt in 2020

By Summer, The Apprentice Wedding Planner Last week in the UK, we were shown a pathway to an eventual light at the end of this long tunnel. Things are slowly on the way back to normality. Plans can start to be put back in motion and there’s finally some sort of path ahead. However, we… Read more »