Month: November 2020

Have you registered for our Black Friday VIP Day?

Register for our Black Friday VIP Day

Black Friday is nearly here! You know that old saying, if you snooze you lose? Well, I don’t want that to be you. We’re having a ???? Black Friday 24 Hour Pre-Sale where we’re bundling together ALL our best products into one AMAZING offer. But only for those people who register! Plus, we’re giving you… Read more »

From Uni Student to Wedding Planner

The Apprentice Wedding Planner Update

A little update from me and my journey from Uni Student to Wedding Planner. So, I’m a few months into my journey now, and I feel like I’ve definitely settled into my role as “The Apprentice Wedding Planner”! It’s been quite an intense month for me (well, for all of us). I’ve had to establish… Read more »