Month: September 2020

Why Starting a Business During Covid-19 is an Opportunity

Starting a Business During Covid 19

Have you thought about starting a business during Covid-19? Is it your dream to become a Wedding Planner If you’ve been watching the wedding industry freefalling over the last couple of months I’m sure you’ve wondered if it will survive? So have we… But here’s the thing. Although everything we’re reading seems like it’s all… Read more »

5 Steps to Creating a Mood Board on Canva as a Wedding Planner

It’s tutorial time. We’re sharing our 5 Steps to Creating a Mood Board using our favourite tool Canva. Mood boards are a big part of putting together a visual proposal for your wedding couples. It can be a collaborative experience to help them to see the ideas you have for their wedding based on what… Read more »

NEW CONTENT ALERT: How to Plan Weddings in the Time of Covid

How to Plan Weddings in the Time of Covid

When I was watching the fireworks go off at the end of 2019 and toasting to the start of a new decade, I never imagined a world where wearing masks would be commonplace and the phrase ‘social distancing‘ was one that seemed to pop into nearly every conversation. However, that is now our reality and… Read more »

Do You Need More Time To Achieve Your Goals?

How to achieve your goals

Time to achieve your goals with a digital detox. Do you ever feel as though you barely have enough time to do what’s on your plate? Let alone the extra things you need to do to move your life forward?   Would you like to find time to Get Certified as a Wedding Planner so… Read more »

The 2021 Pantone Moodboard Design Challenge

2021 Pantone Colour Trend Challenge

Are you ready for some fun with our Pantone Moodboard Design Challenge? We all love a good styling and design challenge so for September we’re bringing back our most popular competition. Yep, it’s time for the Pantone Moodboard Design Challenge. September is always an exciting month at Academy HQ. We begin work on designing and… Read more »

How to Get Motivated as a New Wedding Planner

How to Get Motivated as a New Wedding Planner

So, let’s talk about how to Get Motivated as a New Wedding Planner. We’ve been over getting started. I’ve told you my tips and tricks for that in more ways than one! Being self-driven is the key in most industries, but especially this one. You don’t have a boss checking in on you every 5… Read more »

The Wedding Trend Report 2021 needs your help

Do you want to contribute to the Wedding Trend Report 2021? Due to be released early January! But this year we’re doing things a little differently. This year it’s not all about trends. Instead we’re looking at how 2020 has changed weddings moving forward into 2021. Because there is nothing like a global pandemic to… Read more »

How to Plan a Socially Safe Wedding

How to Plan A Socially Safe Wedding

‘Socially Safe Weddings‘ is a phrase that has become synonymous with weddings in 2020. For better or worse it’s something we need to embrace. Here at the Wedding Academy we’ve been busy writing a brand new module for our Courses all about planning socially safe and distanced weddings. But it doesn’t have to be all… Read more »