Month: March 2020

Free Resources for Wedding Planners

Fast track your wedding planning career

Free Resources for Wedding Planners to help you fast track your new career. Before I tell you about our free resources we’re putting out for those looking to start a career as a wedding planner, I have a question for you. How many of you remember Olivia Newton John’s hit, Get Physical? (She played Sandy… Read more »

Showcasing Your Brand In Your Client Experience

Showcasing Your Brand

In a world where every person, let alone every business, has an abundance of opportunities to stand out in voice and visual, having a strong brand identity has never been more important. From communicating the inspiration behind your brand to articulating your niche and expertise, establishing your brand persona is critical to connecting your business… Read more »

The Wedding Business Bundle

The Wedding Business Bundle Download

The Wedding Business Bundle is now live for you to download. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks you’ll know the entire world is currently dealing with the challenge of the Coronavirus. For some of us, it’s the worry of how our wedding business is going to survive, for others… Read more »

Your First Styled Shoot Collaboration


What is the key to a successful styled wedding shoot? It’s all about good collaboration. Yes you need to have a beautiful theme. And of course you need a water tight plan. But most of all, you need a fantastic team of suppliers who are totally on board with the collaboration. You need people who… Read more »

Pricing your services as a Wedding Planner

Pricing your services as a Wedding Planner is not a ‘nice to know’ it’s a ‘must know’. Its hands down one of the biggest problem areas for both new and established wedding CEOS, so don’t think you’re alone in the struggle to price for profit. When you’re first starting out in your wedding business it’s… Read more »

The Coronavirus and the Wedding Industry

Covid 19 and Your Wedding Business

The coronavirus and the wedding industry is a hot topic right now. Our Inboxes are overflowing with coronavirus emails and right now it all seems a little bit surreal. Having been in business with the Wedding Academy for 12 years and a further 10 running my own wedding planning and design business before that, it’s… Read more »

3 Top Tips to Get Clients as a New Wedding Planner

3 Top Tips for Getting Clients as a Wedding Planner

How do you get clients when you’re brand new? One of the biggest questions I hear at the Wedding Academy is ‘How do I get my first client?’ It’s the one thing that holds most people back from wanting to start a wedding planning business, the fear of not getting any clients. Now whilst there… Read more »

Podcasts 101 for Wedding Pros

Podcasts 101

Podcasting is making waves in the wedding industry and it is only a matter of time until you are presented with an opportunity to showcase your expertise on air. Do you know what to expect and how to prepare? It’s not enough to show up, hope your interview is a success, then wait for the… Read more »

How to get a wedding planning work experience opportunity

Work experience as a wedding planner

How do you get a wedding planning work experience opportunity? Work experience is a tricky one and often it’s about putting a lot of feelers out there to hopefully get a bite. Try drawing up a hit list of at least 15 potentials that you think would be beneficial to you. Places where you believe… Read more »