Month: February 2020

Becoming a Visionary in the Wedding Industry

Becoming a visionary may seem like a lofty goal for some, but rest assured that it is achievable for anyone who puts in the right amount of effort. It’s someone who thinks outside the box and is setting trends as opposed to following them. Of course, that also means that you need the design, vision,… Read more »

The Wedding Planner Masterclass

Wedding Planner Masterclass 2020

Question – would you like to know how to get qualified as a Wedding Planner in just 12 Weeks? We’re inviting you to join our next FREE Live Masterclass: How to Become a Wedding Planner. We’ll be sharing our 7 Steps to Getting Started as a Wedding Planner which will help you to take action… Read more »

The Power & Potential of Collaboration

Despite the fact the average number of wedding professionals who “touch” a wedding or special event hovers around the 14 mark, we’re in an industry comprised of entrepreneurial creatives used to (and some quite sufficient in) getting the job done on their own. The truly best of the best, however, have figured out the secret… Read more »

The Wedding CEO Retreat

The Wedding CEO Retreat

The Wedding CEO Retreat is here! When I started my business as a wedding planner and designer, too many years ago to mention, I used to attend every educational experience I could find. At the time, most of these were in the US so it meant quite a big investment from me both in terms… Read more »

What does a Wedding Planner Actually Do?

become a wedding planner

What does a Wedding Planner actually do? So you think you want to be a wedding planner but you’re not quite sure how to get started. Well you’re in luck, in this post we’ll be revealing exactly what it takes to become a wedding planner and how you can start your business in the wedding… Read more »