Month: February 2019

Why Working in Weddings Is The 'Must Have' Creative Career

Creative Career

As a corporate event planner looking for a creative outlet, I turned to the wedding industry.  Quickly my passion grew and not because I am a romantic at heart, but because of the creativity of the wedding industry.  Think about it, a wedding is the ultimate creative collaboration.  It brings together people with a range… Read more »

The Wedding Business Magazine – February 2019

I’m excited to announce our first issue of the Wedding Business Magazine 2019 and it’s had a makeover. We have a whole host of new experts for you covering some brand new topics including Instagram, Pinterest, Copy Writing, Branding, Networking, Sales, Business and much more. Register for your FREE copy today In case you missed… Read more »

What it's Like to Work on Your First Wedding

Work on Your First Wedding

We recently interviewed Academy student Katie Zac to get an insider view on exactly what it’s like to work on your first wedding. here is what Katie had to share with us… You recently completed some sub-contracting work on a wedding with Academy Tutor Christine’s company I Do Crew, talk us through the job and… Read more »

Do you want a Career in the Wedding and Event Industry?

Career in the Wedding and Event Industry

Here at the Academy, we deal with this question every day. It’s great to chat to so many aspiring wedding and event pros who are making the empowering decision to take control of their career and follow their dreams. Back when our CEO Kylie started her wedding and events business, wedding planning was rarely considered… Read more »

Table Styling 101 for Newbies

Table Styling

If you are a wedding or event planner new to the art of table styling, you may wonder what exactly goes into the polished creations you see on Instagram, Pinterest and on your favorite blogs. While every tabletop is different, they generally share the basic elements and steps of design. These are our top tips… Read more »

3 Ways To Find A Career You Are Passionate About

Passion is such a big word. It comes with a lot of pressure and expectation. Hearing someone talk about the career they love and are passionate about can make you feel isolated because you don’t have that and furthermore, you don’t even know what it is. In my experience most of us don’t just find… Read more »